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Model's Lower Face
Botox Injections

Advanced Aesthetic Procedures

Our ethos in regards to facial aesthetics; is that you must always feel comfortable and confident in the practitioner carrying out these advanced procedures. We only have fully qualified Aestheticians,Doctors and Nurses delivering Aesthetic treatments in a clinical environment.

Using highly qualified, fully insured practitioners reduces complications and ensures the right placement of product in the skin. 

Fully trained Aestheticians are also ready to deal with any rare side effects. We stock Hyaluronidase on site to dissolve dermal fillers and have epi-pens in our First Aid Kit.

Our Professional Team of have an outstanding following due to their Aesthetic results and warm approach.

We hold Clinic Days at Brentwood on various dates including Saturday, midweek and evening appointments .  We offer Aesthetic treatments including Lip Fillers, dermal fillers, Botox and facial Contouring Treatments. We believe fully in the synergy of skin care and aesthetics for volume restoration in turning back time and obtaining young healthy skin. Only the highest quality Hyaluronic Acid and Botox products are used depending on the facial area presented for treatment and the results required. During a thorough consultation, we will discuss your expectations and will be honest in our approach to choosing the correct techniques and treatment plan to achieve your goals. A treatment plan is vital to give the skin time to adapt to dermal filler procedures and we take our time building volume and strength. This also reduces complication risk. All our aesthetic procedures are boosted with advanced facials and skin boosters and we have the knowledge to use all of our skill set in conjunction with each other for the most optimum results.

To book a consultation and discuss your treatment plan; please contact Victoria for the next available appointments in Brentwood. 07940008709

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