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Treatment to reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as preventing deeper lines forming.

Frown Lines

Diminish that angry frown


Forehead Lines

No more worry lines


Crows Feet

Laughter doesn't always make us smile!


Two Areas / Three Areas

£250 / £280

Brow Lift

Lifting the Arch and Tail of the brows non-surgically for a more 'cats eye' result


Baby Botox

Treatments for clients that desire a softer effect with movement


Mens Botox

Mens facial anatomy tend to have larger foreheads and a stronger muscle movement. This requires more units to reach desired results


Gummy Smile

An advanced treatment to reduce visible gums on upper lip when smiling


Dimple Chin

An advanced treatment to smooth the orange peel effect of a strong chin muscle and help smooth the jawline


Lip Flip / Smokers Lines

An advanced treatment treating the lip vermillion border to minimise contraction and create a fuller top lip. Perfect for filler-phobic clients and those with vertical lip lines beginning to appear.


Neck Smoothing / Playsma Bands

The neck muscles pull on the jaw contours and this treatment smooths the neck by relaxing the long platysma bands and helps to tighten the jawline. 


Jawline Slimming - Massater Muscle

The advanced treatment places botox into the deep large chewing muscle. It can help with bruxism and diminish headaches caused by teeth clenching. The muscle atrophy that follow,s gives the face a slimmer more V-lined result.


If a botox top up is required, it has to be arranged 2-3 weeks after the initial treatment, and is an additional cost of £30.

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