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I have worked in the aesthetics industry for over 12 years since I embarked on my first training course in 2008 in Harley Street. I have always had an interest in the biological aspect of ageing and the facial anatomy and I have continued to develop my skills on a practical level and further educate myself with the industry continually. My self-learning has never stopped, as the aesthetic world develops and innovates further.

I studied at Brighton University and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and environmental sciences. This education has been support for any training I have completed especially with anatomical studies and how Intrinsic and extrinsic factors influence the skin and our physical health. I am currently studying towards my nursing degree. The course works around my business and personal commitments and allows me to build on the knowledge I already have to support my treatments I offer. I hope to work within dermatology. I believe the industry is progressing to a medical, person-centred level of care and anatomy led knowledge that requires this level of education and experience.

My ethos has always been to enhance the facial features and to treat each client individually based on their lifestyle and expectations; no two faces or skin biology are the same and one cannot treat each client with identical treatments and expect the same results.

Individual prescriptive procedures are required for results- driven skin changes. This may be reversing sun damage or diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. I have a large menu of products to recommend to clients based on their skin concerns; topical products and injectable Hyaluronic Acids are cosmeceutical and medical grade therefore delivering improved results.



I am a massive advocate of the medical skin system Zo Skin Health and spend many hours researching the most innovative products on the market. I am heavily influenced by The Korean approach to skin care and it’s gentle nature and the latest technology and skin care products. From stem cell to Growth Factors; all my prescriptive facials combine ingredients that will be results- driven.

My clinic is very medically influenced; as well as being very personable and holistic. My greatest pleasure is clients visiting me and enjoying their experience. Not only are the treatments performed very active and goal related; they are also incredibly relaxing and soothing.


Wellbeing is not just related to our physical form, we also need to have mental calmness and be in an environment that supports a relaxed experience. This is so important to me as an Aesthetician; I want to form a personal relationship with all my clients so that my treatments are tailored to lifestyle and personal skin achievements that are paramount to them as an individual 


When you decide to embark on treatments at my clinic; you will only ever see me and that should fill you with confidence and make you feel at ease . As with any measure of experience; I have worked with different skin types and thickness and can recommend the best procedures and techniques to achieve the best results for my client.


I have worked with needles for over 12 years now and you can be confident in my level of technique and education. From skin- needling for texture to restoring volume loss and relaxing wrinkles; everything is under one clinic roof. Whatever your concern; it is my pleasure to consult with you and discuss options I greater detail. I have established myself as 'The Skin Glow Pro' as my passion is for clients to leave the treatment room glowing and with an inner sense of calm.


I have researched much time devising multi-layered techniques to be used within my bespoke facial techniques so that clients receive the best results.

I cannot wait to meet you and help you feel confident and beautiful .​

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