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The Cicabel Nano Spa Mesogun System utilises Biomedical Nano Technology to deliver small molecular bespoke serums into the deep skin layers without pain. The no- needle technology is natural and painless.


Ideal for Home use to promote skin health and target specific skin issues - Pigmentation - Dehydration - Anti- Aging.

Used twice per week to obtain optimum results; can be used In conjunction with the Hydration & Revitalisation 1-2-3 Stem Cell Maintenance Programme.


Enough for:

  • Sample Serum will last one month using twice a week


Additional Bespoke Serums can be purchased. 


  • The Nano Spa Mesogun can be incorporated into professional procedures and is ideal to use after dermaplaning and dermabrasion to infuse added moisture and active ingrediants once the skin is exfoliated. We do not recommend after skin needling or any advanced aesthetic procedures that have caused trauma to the skin.

    The stem cell 1-2-3 repair masks are ideal if skin requires cooling and repairing.


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